Your data is protected and private with a "Bank Grade" datacenter equipped with the specialized security hardware, network and software protocols.

Rugged, Reliable and Available “infrastructure”

TheOneFile resides in a "security hardened" facility (Datacenter, servers, protection mechanisms) that is considered among the most reliable and secure in the industry.  We safeguard your information and files with the best commercially available data protection. 

Our ultra-secure datacenter is specifically designed to provide 24/7 security monitoring and event management. Likewise all server hardware, network and software are being constantly monitored for optimum performance with ongoing technology management, server replication, storage replication, online backup and secure vaulting of all backup data

"Round the Clock" protection

We employ “military grade” security monitoring technology and security monitoring personnel that evaluate every single request to our network, servers and applications on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis and scan for over 5,000 vulnerabilities.  Any suspicious activity is immediately acted upon.

Our encryption methods, monitoring and security controls are the same type as used by the leading financial institutions, NSA, DoD, the Department of Energy Nuclear Laboratories, Department of State, and DoD Cyber Crime Center

External Security Audits

We employ an independent 3rd party security auditor to evaluate the integrity of our security infrastructure and applications.

We also utilize the services of an "certified ethical hacker" to periodically independently test our security measures.

Your data cannot be viewed by anyone but you

Your data is encrypted to prevent anyone from "eavesdropping" on your online computer browsing sessions (“encryption in transit”).
We have also instituted total data encryption of all of the data that resides on our subscriber databases (“encryption at rest”).

This means that no one can electronically eavesdrop on your online sessions or view any of the electronic data stored on our servers’ drives. 

Additionally, none of our Staff can see your private data.  It's yours alone to view and manage.

Additional Security / Privacy safeguards are built into TheOneFile

TheOneFile application has several additional security enhancements that have been specifically programmed into it to further protect your data.

In summary, our first and most important job is to keep your private data ...  private!


More About Our Technical and Procedural Safeguards